5 generations
elastic bands.

Grobel is a company producing elastic and rigid bands, that has been focussed throughout its history in the fashion market, particularly in the underwear and lingerie market. Today Grobel is opening its doors to the tecnological market though the spin off of recent creation: Grobeltech.


Quality living up to the most demanding requirements.

Grobel is a family company founded in 1890. After 5 generations, it is now the european leader in elastic bands for the underwear and lingerie market.
Its continuist spirit and high sense of responsibility, combined with a sound industrial policy and an ongoing reinvestment of profits, have been key to meeting objectives performance year after year until managing to lead the european market in elastic bands.

International presence

Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Colombia, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Greece, Italia, Latvia, Madaagscar, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Ukraine, United Kingdom.


Our quality-control department carry out a thorough control in every step of the production process.


After 5 generations, we are today the european leader in elastic bands for the underwear and lingerie market.


Exclusive, professional and high quality products


We develop innovative and exclusive designs, adapting at all times to the most demanding technical requirements.


With our 14 crochet machines we can create the most sopisticated finishings such as picots, ? and adornments.


With more than 14 looms, we have at our disposition a quick response and production time.


Thanks to a colour study and our 10 dying machines, we have a profound ability to replicate colour.


We can create stripes, waves, dots, logos, microdots, both centered and displaced. We offer personalised solutions in detail.


Thanks to our rotative silk-screen printing machine, we can print logos, brands, mottos and whatever our clients request.