Our new brand of more technological elastic bands. A new spin off. Our new vision of the future.

Industrial protection

Fire resistent waist bands, flame resistent,

We develop solutions with new technical materials for professionals that face high temperature, flames , impacts and other inclemencies. In short, we are the ideal accessory for resistent articles and which are designed to preserve the integrity of its users.



Reflective, siliconed waistbands, ergonomic and big size straps.

Thanks to our experience in underwear we now offer a range of products for external use, where confort prevails above all, but also design, durabilty and resistence.



Edgings, waist bands and straps for the field of well being and health.

Soft and confortable materials, elasticated and special materials ideal for those people who require their articles to provide them with a certain safety without forgetting well-being.